Saturday, 9 August 2014



I have recently purchased an Hyundai HY7000LE electrical generator to use as a standby electrical supply in the event of the regular power failures that I experience during the winter months.... (that's what comes of living in the back of beyond!!!).

After some considerable web research, I selected the Hyundai 7000le as it gave me the 5.5Kw output that I needed at a price that was within my budget, it had electric start and had wheels and handles to help move it around, but just as importantly, the specified dimensions meant that I could fit it snuggly into an ideal secure storage cupboard when it was not required. But when looking at different supplier's web-sites, the dimensions varied between 500 x 600 x 452 to 690 x 525 x 550, (to list just two examples) -  so which one was correct?

Well, the answer was NONE of them really!!.............. When my generator arrived, it was significantly larger than I expected, and it became evident that NONE of the dimensions, specified on-line, included the wheels or handles. So what exactly are the exact overall dimensions of the HY7000LE including the wheels and handles?

Here you go!

The net result has been that I've had to build a NEW secure storage cupboard, so be aware - If the generator that you're planning to buy has wheels and handles, do the specified dimensions ONLY relate to the generator frame??  This may seem trivial, and probably won't bother 99% of purchasers, but it's worth bearing in mind, after all, it could be the difference between it fitting in the back of a van (or not!)

Finally, I could only find ONE on-line customer review, but having now received and used my HY7000LE, I can tell you that it's a very solidly and well built generator that is easy to start and very portable. If there's any negative, it's that the Operator's Handbook is probably one of the worst I've ever seen..... none of the diagrams relate to the adjoining text, and Hyundai have tried to cover too many 'models' in one handbook which can be very confusing.

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