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Welcome to Grumpy Gits and Useful Tips -

At first sight this blog may appear confusing, because it covers a range of widely differing subjects, but this is simply a result of posting details on whatever happens to 'crop up' in my life and which I feel would be worth posting online for the benefit of others readers.............

In simple terms, when I need an answer to a question, (and then try to look for relative details on the Internet), if I can't readily find the answer that I'm looking for then I  tend to go all out to find that answer, sometimes using alternative sources, and then I place that advice/answer on the Grumpy Gits blog so that others might then be able to more easily find the answer that I had so much trouble finding.

Sometimes.... just sometimes... I also find information on the Internet that is confusing, inaccurate, or conflicting. If I ever manage to resolve these anomalies I will also post information to the Grumpy Gits and Useful Tips blog.

I sincerely hope that you find some of the Grumpy Gits information helpful and I really welcome any comments and feedback that you, the reader, may wish to add for the benefit of other readers.

Topics covered on this Blog so far, include;

1 - Hotpoint Aqualtis 9D washing machine spin problems.
2 - Hotpoint Aqualtis 9D washing machine noisy spin damage revealed.
3 - Tips for securing greenhouse glass in windy areas.
4 - Karcher washer lost pressure?
5 - Hyundai HY7000LE exact dimensions (including wheels and handles!)

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